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Technology As A Tool To Help Your Practice Succeed

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ami C. Ranani, OD, of Somers Eye Center in New York, offers the following for optometrists who are interested in advancing the technology in their own practices.

We’ve all heard these seven words: There is nothing constant except for change. Some of us think about the seemingly overwhelming steps it will take to keep up with all of these changes, and that includes electronic health records (EHR) and meaningful use (MU) as well.

I have an interest in technology and change management, but I recognize not everyone has the same feelings or inclinations that I do. For example, do you look at change as a circumstance to create new and exciting opportunities that help your practice and your patients?

Learn more about EHR, patient portals, and how to breathe in the cloud.

Premier Program

Monday, July 7, 2014

Okay, so here is your question for the day: What do your airline, your coffee company, and your local hardware store all have in common?

The answer is that they all offer loyalty programs. They learned a long time ago that if they could deepen the relationship with their best customers, they could then share cost efficiencies and savings. This, in turn, would make the supplier more competitive and all boats would rise.

In today’s competitive environment, it is crucial that optometric practices carefully consider their supplier strategy to maximize profitability. We know that fee increases are difficult in today’s marketplace. It is imperative that we support companies that offer cost-saving opportunities on the material side and that actively seek to put patients in our practices. It should be clear that we must be willing to increase our supplier loyalty if we are to fully benefit from these programs.

I can tell you from personal experience that the VSP Global Premier Program is worthy of your consideration.

First of all, patients benefit with the Extra $20 frame allowance when choosing from qualifying frame collections. Patients have reacted very favorably to this increased benefit. (more…)

A Recipe For Success For Graduating Optometry Students (And For The Rest Of Us)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Well, it is that time of year…time to congratulate a brand-new graduating class of freshly minted doctors and to welcome them to our profession. Well done!! What a great time to be starting your careers in optometry!!

You are certainly the best trained, the most prepared, and the most dynamic additions to our profession in history.

You have achieved in a very demanding education program, equal to that of any other health care discipline. You have gained valuable clinical experience through your many patient care opportunities. And you enter a profession with greatly expanding privilege and scope of practice.

Optometry is the primary eye care profession and has earned the respect of all other health care disciplines through the hard work and excellent outcomes produced by your colleagues.

I truly believe that opportunity has never been greater, and yet, success is not guaranteed. Success will come to those who find their niche, roll up their sleeves, aspire to continuous improvement, and to those who follow the recipe: